About Me
35 Olden Street| Princeton, NJ 08540 | mam17@cs.princeton.edu


I'm Mark Martinez, a graduate student at Princeton University in Computer Science doing research with Professor Alain Kornhauser of the ORFE department. I graduated from Harvard in 2014 in Applied Math and Evolutionary Biology and worked for two years at Johnson & Johnson as a Data Scientist.

I'm working on deep learning and self driving cars, specifically using virtual environments to create simulations so that the car can learn how to drive properly. I like working on vision related projects as I can tie in my passion for the arts into my work.

I'm heavily involved in music. I played the piano since age 5 and recently picked up classical voice. I also compose on and off, some recordings can be found on my SoundCloud.

Random Pictures

J&J Triathlon 2016

Kitsune Shrine

Sequoia National Park